how to cope with trouble shooting computer

how to cope with trouble shooting computerTo find some common troubleshooting on the computer, here we will share some tips and how to overcome them. Here we have summarized some points and hopefully be able to help you trouble ..!
how to cope with trouble shooting computer
how to cope with trouble shooting computer
The computer is on, but no display on the screen. This problem is so often we find. However, the problem is actually trivial and usually due to a loose memory or ram. Also, it could happen that way because the legs are dirty or the memory of the dead. The solution to removing, cleaning its legs, and put it back. You can also replace with new ones if these problems are not finished with the cleanup.
Tit sound 3x but short and fast. The computer is on but there is a sound like that, then chances are your VGA card is damaged or loose and dead. Ith solution could take it off, clean up, and then put it back.
Computers that read Tit … continuously and consistently occurred before we turn off. Then you can do the same way with the concept of number two. It could also be a way to replace your motherboard because the possibility of damage.
Computer issued a paper disk boot failure, insert system disk, and press enter. So this possibility is damage caused to your hard drive. It could also, existing systems in your hard drive is missing. These problems can be solved by tapping the hard drive slowly because your hard drive is probably the bike stalled and is unable to move anymore. Upon power up the hard drive, then backup your data.
Can not read the flash. This problem may be caused due to power supply you are already weak so the flash is not able to read. The solution could be to replace your power supply or try the USB’s in the back because the energy produced could be better because it attaches directly to the motherboard.
CD or DVD room that is difficult to open. This problem usually occurs because the CD room is rarely used or could be a CD Room is old so the rubber driving slack. How can familiarize room for frequently used CDs or thumb is to take a paper clip, then puncture a small hole in the CD room and managed to push it to open.
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