Living Social for the iPhone

Are you a savvy shopper who loves getting the best deals but hates driving all around town trying to get them? If so, then the Living Social app is something you need on your iPhone. This app will bring you all of the best deals in your city, with different deals being put up every single day. So you can always be sure that you’ll get the best, and the newest deals, and never overpay for anything again!

And with this app there are no emails that you have to check or hidden section inside the app. Every deal will be delivered right to the app in a screen that’s very easy to see and read, and you’ll get a push notification every time a new deal for your city is put up – so be prepared to be getting a lot of notifications, because this app is full of ’em! But this app goes one step further than just letting you know when that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing goes on sale – you can also buy the items right on your iPhone! Just tap on the ‘Buy Now!’ and that’s it. Those shoes, that meal coupon, or other discount has been purchased, and you just have to go pick it up. And don’t worry about printing out your receipt or taking down reference numbers. When you get to the location where the big deal is, just whip out your iPhone and show them it’s already been purchased. Shopping has truly never been easier!

You can search in your city or if you travel around quite a bit, you can also check out what’s being offered in different cities. Start saving like you never thought possible, and getting deals without even leaving your house, by downloading the Living Social app for iPhone from iTunes here.

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