Newly Released EZChat iPhone App: The App That Won’t Let an Encounter Pass You By

April 6th, 2010 – If you scan your immediate surroundings and take a look at the people around you, chances are you will not know everyone’s names nor their interests, hobbies or what they do for a living. In certain situations, you may prefer this route of “the unknown”; but for those who love to socialize, network, meet new people or just have a great conversation with a person across the room, the “unknown” puts a hinder on the possibility of expanding their social network and looking for ways to meet new people in a simple and fun way.

EZChat is all about maximizing these opportunities for making new relationships. Whether you’re at a networking event, your best friend’s wedding or a crowded airport, EZChat’s capabilities let you learn about the people who surround you before you meet them so you can discover if you share similar pastimes, social or business interests. With EZChat, you can transform your cyber-interactions into real-life and immediate physical engagements.

Using WiFi and Bluetooth technologies, the EZChat iPhone app detects your location and enables you to interact with users that are in your close physical environment. So whether you’re looking for a dinner date, a potential professional colleague or a partner in crime to hit the gym with, EZChat App brings you steps closer to meeting the people you seek to be in your social and business network. Even if you’re too shy to introduce yourself in person, EZChat will help break the ice with virtual chats.

The EZChat app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Unlike similar applications in the market, EZChat does not require users to install internet data or carrier packages in order to chat with others and is absolutely free.

Users can view profiles of other EZChat users that include their photos and learn interesting facts and bits about the person they see. EZChat takes away the ambiguity of the people who surround you and helps break the ice. Once you find a person who catches your eye, mark the person’s profile picture with a “like,” dislike,” or “maybe” to decide if you wish to chat with them at that moment in real-time, a later time or not at all – and then move on to the next profile.

EZChat iPhone App
EZChat’s philosophy is different from its competitors, as it puts an emphasis on meeting people in your close physical surroundings rather than just anywhere around the world. According to Ronnie Zohar, Founder of EZChat, “We firmly believe that most people care about maximizing opportunities in the ‘here and now.’ Even though it would be wonderful to get to know people in a far away location, it is much more productive to meet people who are in our close vicinity whether it’s for business or pleasure.”

You can download the free EZChat application from the iTunes Apple Store here.

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