iPhone Banking Apps – Do all of Your Banking from Your IPhone

There are so many things that you can do with an IPhone that it is sometimes easy to forget the basics. When you have an IPhone you must remember that you have a device that is able to fit in your pocket but can also do many of the same functions as your computer. It is up to you to take advantage of these capabilities. For example, the one thing that you can do from your IPhone 4 that you might not have thought about is your daily banking. No matter if you run a small business or just take care of the monthly bills, using the banking apps that are available on the IPhone can help you a lot. In this article we will discuss a couple of these apps and then you can decide if they are right for you.

iPhone Financial apps

The first type of apps for iphone that we are going to look at is the financial apps. While not directly banking apps, they are apps that will help in your banking activities. These are apps that will help you monitor your money and in some cases make more of it. Some of these apps will also allow you to interact directly with your bank as well. Here are a few apps that you should take a look at.

PayAnywhere is an app that allows you to accept credit card processing right through your phone. This is an especially useful app if you are a person who runs a small business and needs to be able to take money at anytime. After the purchase is processed, the money heads directly to your bank. There are extra attachments that you need to use to make this particular app work but the service that it provides makes it more than worth it.

Another iphone financial app that we will take a look at is known as Bill Minder. It allows you to keep up with all of the fees that you owe at the end of the month. Now instead of having to rely on the paper statements of when your bills are due, you can just place the information into your phone and be alerted when it is time to pay them. It is also great for alerting you when a bill is about to be paid directly from your bank.

These are only a few examples of financial apps for iphone that can help you with your banking and other financial related activities. Now let’s talk about apps that will actually allow you to interact with your bank.

iPhone Banking apps

One app that is highly recommended but only allows you to deal with only one bank is the Bank of America app. It has a smooth interface and it is usually 99.9% reliable when it comes to uptime. Anything that you are able to do on the web site you will be able to do on the app as well.

If you want an app that will not only keep track of your finances but allow you to interact with the bank as well then take a look at the Mint app. Mint.com has been around for a long time and now they are bringing the act to the iTunes app store. You will be able to keep track of your finances with easy to understand charts while making sure that everything is OK at your bank.

Another good banking iphone app is the one that comes from ING. This app allows you to do the basics all from the comfort of your phone. It has a clean interface and a small learning curve. This is an app that you should really take a look at.

Of course there are many more iphone banking iphone apps out there and you should really take a look at ones that are directly from your institution. But if your bank does not have an app then you could always use a service like Mint to work around that limitation.

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