How Core ML Will Transform Machine Learning Apps Development?

“This How Core ML Will Transform Machine Learning Apps Development content is for businesses, who are looking forward to developing a machine learning application for their online business. They can know how Core ML can make the app development faster and improves performance.”

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the most underestimated announcement was the company’s all new machine learning framework named Core ML. It is the most powerful framework that is mainly designed to make it easier to run machine learning models on iPhone, iPad and other devices of Apple.

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Now, businesses of varied industries like healthcare, education, eCommerce, etc. can take benefit of Core ML framework that gives an amazingly fast performance with simple integration of machine learning models, allowing to develop apps with advanced features by writing just a few lines of code.


The key benefits of Core ML are improving how quickly AI tasks execute on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It will cover different things from face recognition to text analysis to rectangle detection to barcode detection and object tracking. As per the Apple, the image recognition and object tracking on the iPhone will be six times faster than the Google’s Pixel.

What’s Possible with New Core ML Framework?

With the all new Core ML framework, Apple has made things a lot easier than ever for professional developers. They can easily integrate their own machine learning models on top to being able to use their pre-trained models.

As said that Core ML supports different machine learning models like neural networks, tree ensembles, support vector machines and generalized linear models. However, it is must that the model must be in the Core ML model format (models with a .mlmodel file extension).

Make sure that the model you are using is already obtainable in the .mlmodelformat. In case, if your model is trained in any different framework like Keras, you can make use of CoreML tools that will help you to convert it to the right format. However, if you find it difficulty, you can look for iOS app developer for hire, who can help you in converting in the appropriate format.

Using Core ML framework, the following things become a lot easier to perform iOS developers. Let’s check out what Core ML and Vision can offer: 

  1. Face & Object Recognition

You might have noticed that Facebook has been recognizing your friends in your photographs and tags everyone for you instantly. It is nothing but the face recognition technology that can recognize your friend’s faces or anyone in the photographs.

Now, you can also integrate the machine learning in your iOS application or have your own new machine app for your business. Using Vision along with Core ML, developers can easily integrate varied features like face detection, object recognition, barcode detection, image alignment, object tracking, etc. into your application.

Moreover, developers can build different tools into applications that can anticipate users’ requirements. It will be beneficial for object tracking and contextual suggestions. It will hugely impact on eCommerce based apps, allowing businesses to comprehend customer’s’ needs.

It will make it easy for customers to track their product and know the exact delivery time and date. Apart from this, Core ML will also impact how apps interact with Siri, camera and Apple’s predictive QuickType keyboard and other services. 

  1. Natural Language Processing

The natural language processing APIs in Foundation makes use of machine learning to comprehend text using different features like language identification, tokenization, named entity recognition, part of speech, lemmatization, etc.

With Core ML, it becomes easy for iOS developers to integrate this feature in the application using different models. There are different ready-to-use Core ML models that developers can use or they can also check out different Core ML tools to easily convert models into the Core ML format.

  1. Random Number Generation Games With GamePlayKit

Want to make your own highly interesting game in iOS, OS X, and tvOS? When it comes to developing, evolving and maintaining a highly sophisticated game, it needs a well-planned design.

Using Core ML’s GameplayKit, developers can easily architect and organize their game logic. Using this kit, they can incorporate common gameplay behaviors like artificial intelligence, pathfinding, agent behavior, random number generation, etc.

Moreover, developers can also use architectural tools that provided by GameplayKit and get help in designing modular, scalable game architecture with least efforts.  So, you can get your own interesting and any logic-based game in iOS.

Machine Learning Will Be for Everyone Through Core ML

Machine Learning is one such type of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows software apps to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without being openly programmed. One of the main concepts of machine learning is to develop algorithms, which can receive input data and use statistical analysis to predict an output value within an acceptable range.

Today, machine learning is for everyone as Core ML will bring the power of artificial intelligence beyond the iPhone to all devices of Apple. Across iPhones, iPads and Macs, applications will become smarter and powerful. The Apple Watch will also learn to give more contextually relevant notifications.

Moreover, the framework is designed to run on existing devices that means users don’t have to upgrade to expensive and top hardware to enjoy the advantages of device-based machine learning. So, millions of iPhone users will get the benefit from applications, which have integrated machine learning.

Safe, Secure, and Fast

As various machine learning frameworks are obtainable in the market, but Core ML is specially designed to run locally on iOS users’ device. It means the user data won’t leave the device, boosting application security. Now, applications will not rely on an internet connection.

Since Apple controls both its hardware and its software, Core ML will boost the performance of devices. Earlier, the apps that used to take months can now be developed with any professional iOS developer within just days. So, experienced iOS developers that are available for hire can work on some other applications rather than building machine learning capabilities from scratch.

When it comes to talking about the device-based machine learning, it is quite early, but Core ML has the capability of changing how we interact with devices and applications. So, if you have decided to begin with integrating Core ML into your application, ensure that you check out Apple’s documentation.

Conclusion –

Today, everyone is excited about machine learning on Apple devices and enormous possibilities that are possible through Core ML. It brings various opportunities for developers and app owners.

Core ML is a stunning achievement that brings multifaced ML technology within the reach of developers, enabling them to use the platform to their existing trained ML models across a wide range of Apple products.

To get your own application ready with ML technology, you can get in touch with any experienced and proficient iOS app development company that specializes in providing machine learning apps with advanced functionalities.

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