There’s an iPhone Application for Everything

Need to know something? Got a question? Ever heard the slogan iphone has an app for that? Apple wasn’t lying at all when they came up with that genius slogan! There really is an iPhone application for anything and everything you could ever need!

Need to know how old your cat is in human years? I phone has an app for that! Feel the need to chat with someone? You can chat with Alice, ask her anything you want or tell her a few things about you! You will be shocked at her intelligence! Not sure what to make for dinner and need a quick recipe and also need to know exactly how to cook that recipe? Oh yes, iphone has got the app for that. Want to embarrass a friend or maybe a co-worker? Then all you have to do is download the ifart iPhone app and set the timer put it near your friend’s seat and sit back and watch the embarrassment on their face as the fart goes off!

The possibilities for the iphone applications are absolutely endless! Maybe you are wandering around Disney World and want to know what rides have the shortest line. You most certainly can look to your iphone to find out. So many applications for everyday life, such as household applications like the one that helps you decorate any room of your house. Also working out applications, they can teach you pilates or yoga among or keep track of how far you run. One of my favorite applications for going out is the one that keeps track of where you parked in a parking lot so that you never forget where your car is ever again! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and think of something you need to know because there is an app waiting to help you out!

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