Tips on Smartphone Camera Function Optimization

Tips on Smartphone Camera Function OptimizationPhotography enthusiasts becoming increasingly growing, photographing gadgets that support activities are also increasingly sophisticated and not only dominated compact cameras, DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras and a variety of other premium. Significant developments also happened to the smartphone’s camera is ready to pamper users with a variety of features and sophistication possessed.
Tips on Smartphone Camera Function Optimization
Tips on Smartphone Camera Function Optimization
Taking pictures with a smartphone is fairly practical because wherever you will always carry your cell phone, if you do not understand the optimal use of the cell phone camera would also be less satisfactory result.

Taking pictures with a smartphone camera can be put on one of the things that can be quite challenging for some people. This is because, the camera features that are provided there as on a digital camera. But there are some tricks to optimize the function of the camera which is owned by a smartphone.

Tips on Smartphone Camera Function Optimization – Check out our tips and tricks this time, which discusses the optimization of the smartphone camera, may be useful for you:
High Dynamic Range (HDR)Most smartphones today already have the option or feature HDR. When you use the HDR feature, then your camera is already taking three photos with three different exposure, ie, low, standard, and high. Then the program on your phone will bring together three photos before and make sharper images.Tips on use of HDR:
  • Landscape shooting. You will receive the color of the sky, buildings, or grass richer, with a more clear picture quality.
  • Backlight conditions. When you have to take a precious moment, but the sun shines on the back of the object is too bright.
Remote ShutterIn all smart phones, a physical shutter button has been replaced with a digital keypad. But you realize it or not, the digital switch can be replaced with actual physical buttons.On iOS and Android smartphones generally can take pictures by pressing the volume button. But for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG G Flex, you only need to say “Chesse” to take pictures without pressing the required button though.
Burst ModeDetermining the right time, of course, would be a fairly difficult thing to take a picture. But it would be smart to use burst mode feature. This feature alone has been available on any smart phone on the market today.
Each phone also has a different function:
  • In the smartphone the iPhone, you just tap and hold the shutter button as long as you need. All photos then they will be stored in a thumbnail.
  • On Android smartphone (depending on model), you have to go into options and select Burst Mode mode on the menu page. And then you just do the same way as above and the phone will take 20 images at once directly.
Lock the focus and exposurePhotographing moving objects is one of the tough challenges in taking pictures using a smartphone. Because the focus of this phone will change, depending on the object being moved. But there is one good way that can make our phone camera to keep focus and exposure under control.
You live to tap and hold the screen in one object alone. After that, the focus and exposure will not change, even though the object that you shoot on the move.
Similarly, we can describe the information, hopefully what we have presented can be useful and add to our knowledge together
Tips on Smartphone Camera Function Optimization 
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