Once you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, you can use it to download the Cydia apps and cydia games then use the app to install other programs. Many users say that Cydia is the greatest app ever, and that they would simply have no use for their iPhone without it. But, the cydia app also has certain features that won’t appeal to everyone, and some find things like the ads within it somewhat annoying. But when you go to delete / Uninstall cydia, just how to delete cydia from iphone exactly? Deleting the Cydia app can be somewhat tricky, mostly because you have to know about another program before you can delete / uninstall cydia. Here’s what that other program is, how you can get it, and how you can ultimately delete Cydia from your iPhone.

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Watch Video Tutorial to Delete Cydia from iPhone

Please watch the videos below to easily understand how to remove cydia from your iphone, ipod touch or ipad:

Steps to Uninstall Cydia from Your iPhone or iPod touch

uninstall cydia - remove cydia

Here are the steps to Uninstall Cydia and completely delete cydia from your iphone or ipod touch. First, go to the Home screen on your iPhone. Find the Cydia app and open it. When the app opens, find the menu bar and open the Search tab, which shows a picture of a magnifying glass on it. In the search box, type “cydelete”; this is the program that you will need to delete Cydia from your iPhone. Hit “Search” and when it finds it, tap it. Confirm that you want to install the program onto your iPhone and then wait until it’s downloaded. Then close out of everything and go back to the Home screen of your iPhone.

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Keep follow the next steps to uninstall cydia. Once you’re back at the Home screen, you’ll need to find the third-party app that you used to download Cydia onto your iPhone, and then delete this app to delete Cydia. To delete this third-party app, tap on it and then hold it down until you see an “x” appear in the corner of it. This will tell you that the app has been deleted from your iPhone.

Getting the Cydia app onto your iPhone is very easy, and can be very useful too. Getting it off can be just as useful, albeit a bit trickier. If you have other cool and foolproof method on how to delete cydia app from your iphone please kindly share it here.

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