How to Backup Your iPhone with or without iTunes

How to Backup Your iPhone with or without iTunes – there are several ways to backup before updating your iPhone to iOS 7. Here, I will share with you the two basic ways that Apple provides to back up data from iPhone before upgrading to iOS 7: iTunes and iCloud. The two, iTunes and iCloud, can back up your iPhone. The only difference between them is that by making the backup your iphone in iCloud, no physical connection is required, whereas when backing via iTunes itself must have connection between your iPhone and your computer. Check out how to back up data from your iPhone via iCloud and iTunes.

2 Solution to backup Your iPhone with or Without iTunes

Solution 1. Data Backup iPhone with iTunes / iCloud


iCloud can back up data from your iPhone. Before using iCloud, make sure your iPhone works with iOS 5 or later. Let’s set the iCloud backup on an iPhone.

1. Connect your iPhone via Wi-Fi.

To enable iCloud Backup, click Settings> iCloud> Storage & Backup on your iPhone.

2. Drag the tab to “ON” iCloud Backup

By doing this, this message may appear: “No new backups of your iPhone will automatically be made on your computer when you sync with iTunes.” Click “OK”. Then click “Make Backup Now” below.

Solution 2. Make a backup of iPhone to computer

backup iphone itunes

So far, you read that the media files you have not bought not be copied to iCloud or iTunes. Do not worry! There is an option to help save these media files in your iTunes library or your computer: Retro Wondershare TunesGo. It allows you to retrieve music, videos and photos from iPhone to your computer. All you need is to follow these steps:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and run Wondershare TunesGo Retro.
Step 2. In the window TunesGo Retro, click on the corresponding tabs, Music, Photos, or Movies, and click the triangle under “Export” to select “Export to PC” or “Export to the library iTunes “.

We hope that those 2 tips to backup your iphone above useful for you. Please share if you think that this tips could be helpful too for your friend.

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