FedEx Mobile App for the iPhone

If you’re always sending and receiving parcels, whether because you’re a starving college student or sending away products as part of your business, you may be looking for an easier way to track and receive packages. Now it can be done with one of the biggest courier companies to be found around the globe, FedEx. Because they too, now have an app for that, and the FedEx Mobile app puts your parcels at your fingertips – even when they haven’t yet reached your door.

The FedEx Mobile app does more than let you just plug in your tracking number and see where your parcel is. It also alerts you with notifications whenever there’s a new update about your parcel – so you don’t always have to keep checking it either.It also lets you have full access to your FedEx account including your address book, your FedEx Desktop, My FedEx, and more.

So that covers receiving, but can you send parcels with the FedEx Mobile app? Well, it would just be silly any other way. Not only can you get a quote for sending a package quickly and easily but you can also print a shipping label on-site, which is super handy if you need to travel around to different clients. And if you ever have a problem or think that there’s a way the app could be improved, there’s always a direct line to FedEx which will let you provide feedback.

Of course FedEx is known for their reasonable prices and because they want to save you even more, they’ve offered their iPhone app completely free. You can download it from iTunes here.

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