myHomework App for the iPhone

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you study as hard as you can, and try to keep on top of all your assignments. Things get missed and this can put you behind. What you need is a schedule that will let you see at a glance what your classes are, what your assignments are, and when they are due. You can get this with one of those manual daily planners, where you have to search through all your notes and then scribble them in. But why? When there are such great apps available like the myHomework app for the iPhone. This app will keep you organized and on top of all your assignments, so you never have to worry about falling behind.

Just enter in your class schedule – it’s easy to do – and the corresponding homework assignments that you have due in them. The app also works conveniently through the icon, which will let you know just by looking at it if you have anything coming up; and it’s all color coded too, so you really just have to take a quick look to see what’s coming up in your calendar. A red icon will appear to let you know that you have missed an assignment and it’s now overdue, while an orange icon will tell you that you have an assignment due the next day. Any other upcoming assignments will be marked in blue when you open up the app so you can easily see those too.

And, unlike all those other planners that can be found lining the “Back to School” shelves, this app is also completely free, and you can download it here.

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