Top 10 iPhone Games of Previous Year

Without a doubt, this year has been the year of the iPhone and more precisely, the year of the iPhone mobile game. The launch of the Apple iTunes App. Store earlier in the year 2008 unleashed a heavy flow of new games and iPhone applications onto the world. With more than 4700 games in the Apple’s store for Apple’s iPhone and Ipod Touch music players, completing a detailed review of the all the games available would be impossible.

After a series of voting for the favorite ones, here, after more intensive play-test sessions, below are the top 10 iPhone Games picks:

10. JellyCar (Free)

This Top iPhone game is based on the Xbox Community Game of the same name. It has clever crayonlike graphics and a unique gameplay gimmick where we have to take our vehicle towards the goal. Figuring out the physics can be challenging, and playing this game with the iPhone could be a bit of a pain.

9. WordWarp ($1)
Take six given letters and make as many words as possible in the time limit. If you like playing jumble in the daily paper, this is the game for you. Just like the well-known pen-and-paper puzzle, word-wrap gives you a scrambled six-letter word. You’re tasked with figuring out, but also with coming up with as many smaller words as can be made from its letters in a two-minute time window.

8. Cube Runner (Free)
It’s a Free and highly addictive game. It looks very much like an early prototype of Star Fox, Cube Runner is a very simple exercise in not screwing up. Pilot your ship by tilting the iPhone left and right saving it from the cubes. For each second you stay alive, you get points; crash and the game is over. There are no checkpoints, no goal other than a high score.

7. Tap Defense (Free)
Set up turrets, then let the demons attack. It’s great game for playing in short bursts. The game is like — waves of enemies approach your position, and you have to set up increasingly powerful sets of weaponized defense towers to hold them off. Once the towers are bought and placed the enemies flood in. Then we have nothing to do except wait and see out automatic defense system work.

6. Topple (Free)
It’s a Fun, casual stacking game from the folks that made Rolando. Blocks fall from the sky and you have to drag and rotate them with your fingers, then gently build a stack that doesn’t fall over. At first it’s easy, but later gets more challenging where oddly shaped piles (above) and things like eggs that don’t stack perfectly. It’s charming, addictive, works very well with the iPhone — and the price is unbeatable..

5. iShoot ($3)
We used to play this kind of iPhone and iPod touch games in high school on the computers in the library. This classic DOS game is playes with for tanks against each other in turn-based, 2-D battle. Each tank takes its turn firing off a round of ammo, which destroys other tanks as well as the environment. Last tank standing wins.

4. Trism ($3)
Bejeweled-like but better, with tilt controls and more complex movement options. The iPhone game can be saved too. Its much more complex than Bejeweled. Have to match three like-colored gems by sliding the diagonal rows of pieces. But going beyond that initial match to set up combos isn’t something my brain can process.

3. Wurdle ($2)
Wurdle is similar to the board game Boggle, but even more addictive. Wurdle is the only iPhone game which has the privilege of living on my home screen. You have to join up neighboring letters from the randomly generated 5×5 grid to make as many words as you can in 12 minutes.

2. Galcon ($5)
Its so easy, yet so challenging. It’s a lightning-fast iPhone game where you have to start out with a planet and you along with your opponent start dragging your ships to the nearby planets to take them over. The number on each planet is the number of your ships it’ll take to conquer it.

1. Lux Touch (Free, deluxe version is $8)
Its a casual, Risk-like game that is thoroughly addictive. This game is about taking over territory and building armies in a short span of time. This iPhone game is a bit hard and is turn-based instead of real time.

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