March Madness for your iPhone

If you’re a basketball fan and getting all geared up for March Madness, don’t forget to add the March Madness On Demand app to your iPhone. This app will give  you all the great news and updates you need on your favorite college basketball teams, it will also let you watch them all right from your phone, will give you information on where else you can catch the big game and believe it or not, even more!

Start by watching the live video of the bracket selection show that airs tomorrow, Sunday, March 13 from your iPhone. Then start watching the first round on March 15 and make sure you catch all the games until the Final Four, which will play out from April 2 – April 4. But what would a sports app be without the capability to watch highlights, check out live scores, and view game leaders? With the March Madness On Demand for your iPhone, you can do all that from the Game Center. And you can also get alerts for your favorite teams, tip off times, halftime and even more. Plus the app will even let you log into your Twitter or Facebook account to comment on the most exciting games – all from right within the app!

March Madness is coming, and you want to be prepared! Make sure that you are by downloading this app here from iTunes for free. Users are already in love with it, touting not only all the great features it has but also the amazing graphics and the excellent UI flow. March Madness On Demand is helping get people even more pumped about March Madness – and you can too!

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