iPhone 3Gs MMS

I had a question that what is there in this iPhone 3Gs? Really I changed my question as what is there not in I phones? Yes, it has everything a mobile must have and even it has exciting features one step ahead of an ordinary mobile. What is so special in it? Two main things are the speed of the IPhone 3GS and MMS option. The operating speed will just amaze you with its incomparable responses. Probably this is the one main reason you should upgrade your mobile. There are no big changes in this 3GS I Phones; it is almost same as the old 3G. However it has been made slightly heavier and a glossy text is printed at the back. 3GS uses the 3.0 version software and it runs all iPhone applications in a fast manner when compared to 3G mobiles. Applications like safari web browser, camera, e-mail etc. 3GS IPhones uses 600MHz CPU with 256MB RAM (up from 400MHz and 128MB), this RAM helps in faster access.

Another main reason that attracts many users is that the MMS in 3GS Iphones. What is a MMS? MMS is nothing but MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING. You will notice that the screen present in this model supports MMS to the maximum extent possible. The screen is more reflective and it gives bit of a rainbow effect. These two things show the crystal clear picture to you when you receive/transfer any MMS. The screen present has a new type of advanced coating which is called as oleophobic coating. This coating makes the screen a finger print resistant one. This screen also helps in sending the MMS fast.

With all these features there are no doubt that MMS in iPhone 3Gs are better than any other model.

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