How to Restore iPod?

Are you observing some eerie things happening to your iPod lately? Well, you must restore your iPod at once. Most likely it will solve the problem. Restoring your iPod will bring back the factory settings and it will be cleared from any failure to operating system files. Restoring is something like misnomer here, because you will be deleting all the contents of your iPod during the process and you need to transfer them again. Restoring an iPod means restoring the factory settings.

The process of restoring your iPod is simple and will not take much time. All you need to have a PC and a good internet connection. Download the latest version of iTunes in your computer. This is the program that will help you to restore the iPod.

Open iTunes and connect the iPod with the Firewire or the USB cable. Your iPod will be shown in the Source panel of iTunes. Selecting your iPod will show the information of the device over the ‘Summary’ tab of the main iTunes windows.

Then you have to click the ‘restore’ button. iTunes will ask you one more time for the confirmation of the restoration process as you will be deleting all the music files. Click ‘Yes’. There are three possible options of restoration –

  • The process will restore the same iPod software version that you were using.

  • The ‘Use same version’ will restore the software version that you were using; even there is a newer version available.

  • The ‘Restore and Update’ version will delete the older version and install the latest version available.

In case the operating system of your computer is ‘Mac’ the restoration process will ask you to confirm the password. The progress bar will delineate the percentage of the restoration process.

Once the restoration process is completed, remove the iPod from the PC by clicking the stop button over the USB Mass storage device in the system tray of your PC.

Restart your iPod. The process is completed.

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  1. hey i am having a proplem with my ipod it wont see my stuff on my ipod all it says is summary and i dont wanna restore it because i got apps that i paid money for and i dont want to pay for then again HELP ME!!!!!!

  2. i have a problem i want to keep my apps coz some of them cost money and i don’t want to purchase them again please help

  3. I am thinking of updating to 3.0 but have read horror stories
    of people who updated their touch and then had email problems.
    Since I use my email all the time is the update worth it?

  4. My ipod touch does recognize itunes but has frozen up…I can touch it when it goes dim and it will lighten up. But that is all I can do. I have plugged it in. Done nothing but restore its battery. I am thinking of restoring it. Would that help? Or would it just make matters worse for me and my ipod. Another thing would I lose all my apps? Or would it give the me the chance to restore them? I have questions and I need people to answer them…. quickly before I make the wrong move.

  5. MY PROBLEM is that my ipod does not reconize in itunes. SO I CAN”T RESTORE IT. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. See..the problem is, the problem I am having is that I cant sync my iPod with my pc. There is something wrong with either iTunes, the USB cable or my iPod that will not allow iTunes to recognize my iPod. In fact, whenever I plug my iPod in to the computer, iTunes freezes up or just does not appear.

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