Apple TV May be DVR Too

Apple TV May be DVR Too
Apple TV May be DVR Too

Apple’s new TV system is the next big product that may just revolutionize the way television works. Apple is hopeful that designing full TV sets rather than just an add on box will help them be successful this time and it looks like Apple may be adding another interesting feature to Apple TV which will please everyone.

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According to sources, Apple TV will likely feature a fully functional DVR as well as a set top function. A fully integrated DVR would make Apple TV one of a kind and as long as it works well Apple would more than likely see some serious success from the project. As always we won’t know exactly what they’re planning on but for now things definitely do look quite promising. Hopefully Apple will officially announce some details about Apple TV in the next month or so.

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  1. This would be a great function to add to Apple TV and most customers would love to have a device that gives them full DVR functions since most people own or want a DVR. I’ve learned this past weekend that DISH Networks Hopper has perfected DVR functionality! This DVR can record up to six events at once and holds up to 250 hours of recordings! It has a 2 Terabyte hard drive and 750 MHZ processor, making it the fastest satellite receiver out! Customers have full DVR functions in all four rooms connected and it gives customers the ability to stream thousands of Blockbuster hits! A co-worker at DISH told me that DISH Network has added some cool interactive menu features like: Pandora radio, MSNBC, NBC Sports, Photo sharing, Dish Tweet, Facebook app and much more. I would love to have this DVR installed in my home!

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