IPhone 4 Cases Are Not Created Equal

IPhone 4 Cases.If you are the proud owner of a new iPhone 4, you should also become the new owner of a nice case for it. You are already painfully aware that the iPhone 4 has a problem with losing signal if you touch it while on a call. Look at some of the case offerings here in this informational article.

The front and back of an iPhone 4 is created with glass. A case is highly recommended if you want to keep it all in one piece during a blunder. Speck makes a “Pixelskin” case that looks like it may have been made for the military first. It is almost fully open on the front side, but fully closed on the back. It is made of a thermoplastic polyurethane that is similar to a silicone cover, but harder. It has a square tiled texture over the whole case, a rubbery finish and “pixel insulation” ( whatever that may be ). It weighs an agreeable two ounces and comes in three colors; purple, black and pink. It does a good job of covering up the metal trim that causes the dreaded signal loss. You can get it online for $24.95 dollars.

Another company called “Hard Candy Cases” makes a special iPhone 4 case. It looks very “bubbly”. The back of the case is manufactured with circles, instead of squares like the last case. The case is in two parts because it is rigid. Separating the two parts makes it ready to receive your iPhone 4. The fit is snug and rightly so, it has no front cover. It just covers the sides and back. The buttons and camera are all uncovered, but if you have big fingers, you may have a problem reaching the power button. This case comes in seven colors, light blue, pink, chrome, gold, black, red and white. It is an eye catching iPhone 4 case and priced at $34.95 dollars.

The iPhone 4 “case” from Apple it is covered here, but it may be debatable if it can truly be called a iPhone 4 case. It just covers around the metal trim and has some metal buttons. There is nothing covering the front or the back of the glass iPhone. It does come in some lively colors. Pink, sky blue, orange, neon green, white and black are the choices. The case is created from molded plastic and rubber. Apple claims they add a “touch of style” to the iPhone 4. The price is of course free for this one. You can get it at the Apple store nearest you.

Gum Drop Cases has announced their iPhone 4 case. The Air Shell Case is plain looking but does the job of covering up the back of the unit. It comes in black, white, red, blue and grey. It also is a polycarbonate plastic that fits over the iPhone like a glove. It is not the best at fitting the iPhone so beware if you can not stand a lose case. The cutouts around the camera are high quality and the case has a rubbery feel to it. It is translucent. The front of the iPhone remains open with this case also. It is a bit more expensive than the other cases mentioned. It is $34.95 dollars.

More styles of cases are available for the iPhone 4. New ones are cropping up weekly. Check back for the latest news on this indispensable accessory.

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