How to Delete Stocks from the Bloomberg App

Not that long ago, we posted about the Bloomberg app for the iPhone, the stock app of all stock apps. This app lets you keep an eye on all of your own stocks, as well as receive all the latest news on stock markets from around the globe. This app has been out for some time and all users who have downloaded it have loved it, and have even been left wondering why Apple still gives you that piddly Stocks default app on the iPhone.

But one user, Tony, recently wrote into us asking how to delete a stock from the app, should you no longer wish to follow it. So I started my digging to find out the answer to the question and it seems that this is a problem many Bloomberg users have with the app. Well it’s true. The answer is not as clear as it should be. But, you can delete stocks from the Bloomberg app, and once you find out how, you’ll see the answer was right in front of your nose the whole time (I know I did!)

First, open up the Bloomberg app. Tap on “My Stocks” at the bottom of the screen and the listing of your stocks will be pulled up. Then tap on “Edit.” This will take you to the editing screen, which will also list all of your current stocks. Find the one that you want and then tap on the “No” icon. This is the icon that is a red circle with a white dash through it. Once you tap on it, a new box will appear on the right-hand side that says “Delete.” Tap on that and the stock will be gone. No confirmation, no nothing. The stock will simply no longer appear in your stocks list. It’s also here that you can add stocks, just by tapping on the “+” button.

Now you can use Bloomberg even easier than you used to, and the app is still being offered for free.

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