Top Apps For Travelers

Top Apps For Travelers.  Do you love to travel? Many people love the spontaneity and adventure of travel, but sometimes it helps to have a few apps to help you out. Whether it’s booking the cheapest tickets or converting between multiple currencies, apps are here to help. Read on to learn more about our top picks for today’s best travel apps.


This app helps you find the best flights, hotels and car rentals, no matter your location. Though there are many such apps out there, users report that Skyscanner gives them the best deals and has the most intuitive user-interface. Skyscanner will also let you save your information and let you book directly from your phone.

XE Currency Converter

Are you going to be traveling somewhere far away where the people use a different currency? If you don’t pay attention and stay on top of the current exchange rates, you can actually end up losing a lot of money. With this helpful app, you can convert between your own currency and that which you are using, based on current rates that are updated daily. You’ll never have to get shortchanged at the moneychanger’s shop again!


This travel app helps you keep track of your itinerary and holds all of your reservations in one place. Remember when you had to travel with a folder of print-outs, containing your plane tickets, car rental, and hotel reservation? Now you don’t have to. The app immediately recognizes your itinerary from your email and seamlessly uploads it into the app’s itinerary list. That way, you can just look at one list in your phone instead of shuffling through a stack of papers.

Additionally, TripIt Pro is a paid service that allows you to keep track of flight information and receive real-time updates. It’s helpful when your flight is delayed and you want to know when you can expect to take off!


Bag-Claim helps you find your luggage. All you have to do is slip a Bluetooth device into your bag before you check it. Then once your flight has landed, it will send you an update saying that your luggage has arrived at the gate and will be in your hands shortly. Or, if the airline loses your bag, you can find it easily and inform the airline staff.


Want to share all of your vacation photos with your friends? This free app will let you do just that, but let you apply all kinds of cool artsy filters for different looks. Now your photos will look unique and interesting instead of being just another batch of holiday pics.


If you’re heading to a sunny location, then this is the app for you. It detects the UVI rating for wherever you are and then sends you an alert when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. You can also adjust for your skin type and the strength of sun cream you’re using.

Perfect World Clock

A time-keeping app, the Perfect World Clock will let you keep time from different locations and across different time zones. It’s particularly helpful if you’re taking an all-night flight around the world and then need a personal alarm to wake you up in the new time zone for the next leg of your journey.

These are just a few of the useful apps that can help you on your travels. There are many more to suit every travel style, whether you’re a five-star jet-setter or a budget-strapped backpacker.

Donna Jane when not writing for her blog on or working in the medical and health fields loves to travel. She finds it easier than ever to navigate an unknown city with today’s technology than ever before. 

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