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TenPointSix app – New Ipad App for Field Service Industry. EImagine Technology Group, Incorporated . ( ETG ) and VSC, LLC ( VSC ) have joined together to make a new JV, Tenpointsix LLC. TenPointSix LLC lately launched their namesake product TENPOINTSIX to the Metrology industry at the 2011 Nationwide Measurement Meeting and Coaching Symposium in Pasadena, California.

TENPOINTSIX app for iphone and ipad was made to fill an opening in the field service industry. Service firms required a lightweight and user-friendly solution to combine dispatching, sales, service delivery, and QC procedures into one integrated package. These corporations required a package that would deliver simplicity of use yet also provide the facility to manage complicated and version controlled service procedures requiring field info approval and a high quality audit trail. “The answer,” asserted Brian Bewley, CIO of eImagine, “was to wed the suppleness and application of the Apple iPad and iPhone with the Microsoft xRM application platform.

Together this mixture provided a well implemented field device and a back end with a large number of features, including the complete range of Microsoft Dynamics CRM capacities, which otherwise would’ve had to be recreated. TENPOINTSIX is an excellent example of mixing existing technologies into a new solution to do what technology is meant to do – create new efficiencies”.

TenPointSix itunes App

Though many field service applications appear geared more to the engineers and management, TENPOINTSIX ipad app was designed from the bottom up with field staff under consideration. TENPOINTSIX ipad app brings immediacy and an “on the go” feel and function to the gathering of test reports, processes, and execution of field processes. The acclamation for both the Apple iPad and iPhone has led on to a high amount of user adoption and satisfaction which is elemental to any successful system implementation or conversion. “We’ve also made raving fans with back office staff because work order reports now provide time, materials, asset and service info from the job instantly,” claims Matthew S. Guffey, Boss man of VSC. “The 1st reply from early adopters has been excited and generated excitement over the application utility.” Guffey commented.

TenPointSix App is meant to allow access to the info you require for field service, dispatch, and work order management, while supplying a full 360 degree view of accounts from both the sales and service point of view. Originally targeted on the metrology industry, current releases have expanded into the Aviation, Biomed and Transport industries.

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