Five Awesome IPhone Apps For Dentists

Five Awesome IPhone Apps For Dentists. With almost one million apps in Apple’s app store, there are apps for almost anything you can think of out there. Dentistry is no exception. When it comes to teeth, there is indeed “an app for that.” In fact, there are more than a few. If you’re a dentist by day and a tech junkie by night, here are a few apps you might want to consider downloading onto your “i” device of choice.


At $399.99, DDS GP is certainly not the cheapest app out there, but hear us out. DDS GP is a great tool for explaining dentistry to your patients. A lot of patients struggle with making a decision on a treatment option or understanding a dental condition. This is of course often exacerbated by the fact that most dental patients aren’t trained to diagnose dental problems and can’t see their teeth except in a mirror. DDS GP works to alleviate this by offering several presentations that explain procedures and conditions to patients. Likewise, it has several tools such as drawing functionality that allows dentists to work alongside the presentation and explain specifics for that particular patient’s case, or just to go into detail and allow you to explain with an app-provided diagram. Rated the “Best Chairside Case Presentation Software/App,” adding DDS GP to your practice can be a great way of explaining treatment options to patients. Even several years after its release, it is still updated by the creators with more information and presentations on a regular basis.

2. CDT Code Check

As most dentists know, the CDT is the Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature, and consists of a number of codes designed to enhance the uniformity and efficiency of claims processing. Created by the American Dental Association, there is a manual for these codes, but the ADA’s app is a handy tool to use when you don’t have the manual handy. For example, if you’ve already started to do some work from home, you might not want to lug the manual to and from your office to fill out some paperwork. In this case, the CDT Code Check app is a handy app that keeps the whole manual at your fingertips in your iPhone.

3. iRomexis

Built by Planmeca, a creator of many dental x-rays, the iRomexis app has the cool feature of letting dentists access images produced by your Planmeca x-ray model on your tablet or phone.. We’re not just talking regular old x-rays either, iRomexis allows you to access ProMax 3-D and ProFace 3D photos from your handheld device. The main benefit of the app is that it allows for quick, chairside explanation to patients and consultation with colleagues while on-the-go. Though the iRomexis app only works with Planmeca apps right now, we expect that in the future you’ll see similar apps. This new mobile means of accessing dental data for patients will help enhance the quality of care that dentists can offer and usher in the future of dentistry.

4. Dental Rx

Getting in contact with a lab technician about a prescription used to be a prolonged process of sending in the relevant information to get the job done. Sometimes, interactions between dentist and technician would need to take place over phone or e-mail tag, but Dental Rx no longer makes that the case. Now from your phone you can take a picture of your patient’s teeth, and enter in the information on the App right from the side of the dental chair. Likewise, through the phone on the iPhone, shade matching can be easier than ever for technicians. With all this in mind, Dental Rx is a great tool for dentists to have in their pockets whenever the need arises.

5. Medscape

WebMD is like the Wikipedia of healthcare, but a lot more reputable. As many health professionals already know, is one of those resources that WebMD offers to those of us in the health services industry. With information from peer-reviewed medical journals, a drug database, and all the other resources WebMD offers, Medscape is a valuable tool for medical professionals. Too bad it’s just available on desktop computers, right? Wrong! Now you can get all that information right in a handy app on your phone. Now if you need some information on a condition, or a patient is taking a drug you’re unfamiliar with, there’s no need to leave the chairside to ensure proper treatment. With this wealth of resources in your pocket, you’ll be better equipped to offer great treatment to your patients.

This Five Awesome IPhone Apps For Dentists article is written by Dr. Travis Kern. He is a practicing surgeon at the North Central Austin location of Austin Oral Surgery. As an occasional tech junkie, Dr. Kern is a fan of exploring what the app store has to offer for people in his profession.

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