MixMeister Scratch App Free for iPhone

Do you have an inner DJ that’s just dying to scratch out sick beats, right along with your favorite songs? With the iPhone, there’s an app for everything and when you need to show off your mad skills, there is an app for that. It’s the MixMeister Scratch app for the iPhone, and it’s completely free.

The app will let you select songs from your own library and scratch out right on top of them. You can choose from many of the different vinyl scratching options such as Air Raid Siren, Fast Scratch, Hip Hop Beats, the Atomic Bomb, and many, many more. Then just test your own skills and draw on your own muse and inspiration to put out some of the best beats, created by you!

The Pro version of the app will let you do a little bit more, such as scratch out your own beats to your own music or on downloaded music, which can make the app a lot more fun if you’re really looking to find your inner DJ, or if you already are one and want to practicce your craft wherever you are. But the free version is still a great way to play around with music, and find out what sounds best.

The MixMeister Scratch app is available for free from iTunes and can be downloaded here.

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