Spice up Your Apple Gadget’s Gaming Capabilities with iPod Touch Emulators

If you’re an iPod Touch user and are looking to add non-stop portable classic gaming experience to your handy Apple device, then iPod Touch emulators is the answer to your prayers.

What is an emulator in the first place, you might ask? If you’re new to the world of emulation, an emulator is a program that imitates the function of another device. In the case of iPod Touch emulators, it’s a program that you can install in your iPod Touch that will enable you to play all sorts of games from different consoles like Super Nintendo, GameBoy, PlayStation, etc. in your portable gadget. You wouldn’t need cartridges or CD’s to play the games—you would instead need to download what is called a ROM file of the specific game. You will then use the emulator to run this ROM much like using a GameBoy to run a GameBoy Cartridge. Since the emulator runs in your iPod Touch, you will be able to play the ROM or game in your very own iPod Touch.

There are many emulators that you can choose from and the iPod Touch is fast enough to emulate all home gaming consoles up to the Playstation 1. If you prefer old, classic games popularized in the early 90’s, having NES, SNES and Genesis iPod Touch emulators will make you enjoy hours of Bomber Man, Chrono Trigger, Street Fighter and Sonic the Hedgehog gaming time. If you want to catch all the Pokemons then grab the GameBoy or GameBoy Advance emulators. If you’re a sucker for the best graphics, then the PSX emulator will certainly suit you best.

So how do you getting these into your device? First, you would need to jailbreak your iPod Touch, which means you’d have to remove Apple’s firmware restrictions before you can install custom applications such as iPod Touch emulators. The process is fairly simple and reversible, and you can easily search for the how-to’s over the Internet. Once you’ve finished jailbreaking your device, the next step would be to set up the installer and download game ROMs through the new sources option in the installer application. Lastly, run the emulator to play the game, and then add more ROMs to your heart’s content.

Previously, only computers were able to run emulators and ROMs effectively. With the advent of technology, they have begun to reach upper-class phones and gadgets like the iPod Touch and iPhone. Adding iPod Touch emulators into your iPod Touch will enable you to maximize your gadget’s full potential. You will be amazed at how such a small machine could run the functions of huge gaming consoles. It’s like having consoles such as the SNES and the Playstation 1 literally at the palm of your hands.

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