How to Convert iTunes Flac to MP3 or Playing FLAC in iTunes?

How to Convert iTunes Flac to MP3?

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec; it is another kind of audio format that is quite popular. You will be able to compress your files in this format, but not lose the sound quality from the original file format. You have a number of converters that will convert FLAC to mp3. This flac file is used a lot by rock and roll fans; especially when they have captured performances from live concerts. Another advantage is that online, these files can be downloaded for free.

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When you convert a file to FLAC, it is of the best sound quality because you do not lose the audio signal. It is of course a like Wav in that it is a loss-free format. There is one disadvantage with these types of files though; they are bigger files than say an MP3 formatted file. Also, you will come to learn that not many systems support it.

There is no doubt that the mp3 format is one of the most popular formats out there. It can be used on almost all systems has it is widely supported. This is so because when you do a conversion of any music file like a iTunes FLAC to mp3, the file size is small, allowing for lots more music to be stored on your device or computer. The programs that support it will market themselves accordingly. A user may find this feature necessary, if not they usually opt for a different file format.

Ways to Covert Flac to MP3

There are different ways in which you can convert a FLAC to MP3. One of the better methods is to use WinAMP. When you install this on your PC ensure that the plug-in for the FLAC library. You can use a number of other media players a part from iTunes if it is not installed; for example, Yahoo Music Player, Real Player and even Windows Media Player.

You should find the output section of the player and select that option. This is in the plugins screen. Find the null soft disk writer, then select that option. Confirm is located at the base of the window; click that button. Select the directory location where you want the file to be saved. Then click the save option so that it I snow on the device in that format. Close out that screen and go back to the WinAMP program.

Within the program you will locate the file in the folder in which it was saved. Select al the files inside that folder by holding down the shift key and then click the open button. You will click play afterwards and then they will all be decoded by the program and generated as WAV files. You will then put WinAMP as output and allow it to not decode but play the files. In ITunes you will import the files in a wav format. They will then be imported as ITunes files; also do create a folder for the ITunes files and save them there.

What the purpose of this article on Flac to MP3 conversion? Well, as we know that iTunes basically could not support FLAC type of files. Latest iTunes only support: MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC (.m4a) and Apple Lossless. The latest one is called ALAC, similar with FLAC.

So if you have or get free songs which is in FLAC format, then you need to convert it to MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC (.m4a)or Apple Lossless (ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec)) if you want to hear the song in iTunes.

But there is another way to play FLAC files in iTunes without converting the file into those format above. You could play Flac in itunes using software called Fluke(an AppleScript) and xiph-qt-0.1.8.dmg from Please follow the steps to Play Flac in iTunes using those two dowonloadable software above Here. With this cool tips, you no longer need to convert iTunes Flac to MP3.

Or you could watch the video tutorial below to convert Flac into ALAC:

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