how to make a simple computer virus

How to make a simple computer virus Viruses on a computer is a name that is already familiar to us computer enthusiasts, surely just the sort we‘ve heard her name annoyed. The virus is a word that makes my skin crawl computer lovers all over the world. In fact, not only on computer, gadget lovers are now already was that was the name of the virus. As technology advances in the development of increasingly many are the causes of the outbreak of a virus outbreak on a computer or gadget.
how to make a simple computer virus
how to make a simple computer virus
 Most computer users and lovers do not like the program very dangerous, annoying and destructive nature of viruses such as trojans, adware, malware and so on.

That always makes us think timeless and often ask – ask, what motivation manufacturing flipped virus? Why should the virus be made? And here’s a few reasons why someone makes a program that lost a lot of these people;  

  • fury 
  • do it for the sake of a mere satisfaction 
  • spying (espionage) 
  • instincts of a hacker 
  • make a virus to get their money 
  • as media exploitation 
  • as learning
how to make a simple computer virus – For this opportunity to be elaborated briefly on how the virus is applied to the light from virus to virus even got a distinction very upset, but remember that what we show below but not for a study, and not to be mistaken to use.
Using Notepad
Sure the us as a true friend is no stranger computer while listening to the lightest this program. How open was pretty simple distinction, just simply clicking on the “start button” located in the lower left corner on your desktop while you’re on the look then go to “All Programs” and find and enter the Accessories” then emerged Notepad with friends. So how can this virus through notepad? How to make it simple enough distinction, because we live insert script code that has been previously prepared and is ready molded into a finished executable file is placed on the sacrifice that we have set.
Through CMD
CMD is an other media that can be held to be mischievous virus program with a relatively simple way. It’s humbling, we simply clicking on the Start” and then click again on the “RUN” appearing to the right and then type “CMDand hit “enter” and then we will enter a program called “prompt” is better known as DOS. To perform virus production, we can simply enter the code that is already known then Transform file its extension into the program ready for prime time.
Virus Maker 
This virus maker is a rogue application that works to create a virus that is quite troublesome is the “Trojan” virus which certainly is not foreign to us computer lovers, here is a way of making a relatively easy;
  • Make sure that the antivirus that we have pairs in a non-active (disable) because when it is active antivirus application will be automatically deleted due to be claimed as an illegal program
  •  Next is to run the program / application called Virus Maker.
  • Follow the making of this virus and adapt to what we want.
  • Next we will arrive at the current stage in which we are asked to enter the size of a virus that we want, the greater the byte is entered, the greater the viruses that we make.
  • Where are satisfied, the next step we can just click “Install”.
  • Wait until the install is complete and name, the image as you wish and click “create” viral
  • And finally a nasty virus was successfully created, and we just put it in the last place we want.
how to make a simple computer virus – So little knowledge about computer viruses and how to make it, I hope this short article can add to our knowledge of the reader, and once again what we post is just for knowledge not to be abused because we certainly would not like it if we are disturbed or harmed others, and therefore not to harm others.
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