Digi-Key App for the iPhone Now Available in Europe!

Digi-Key Corporations,one of the biggest electronic suppliers to design engineers and purchasers, is now accessible with a Digi-Key app for the iPhone. And, it’s now available in Europe too!

The app works very simply, and you can conduct whatever business you need to do all through the app, on the go, anytime and anywhere. Just create a My Digi-Key account and you can browse through different databases to see what’s currently in stock. You can browse through the huge selection and find detailed product descriptions, and look at photos too! So if  you find something that you absolutely have to have, you can just add it to your shopping cart and checkout whenever is convenient for you. And, the app will always have the latest items that are in stock, so you can always look through the latest electronics and find whatever you need.

Using the app truly couldn’t be any easier. Just download it here at iTunes, and as soon as you open it, you’ll see the Home page, where you can browse to your delight, and order whatever you’re after just with a few taps. And on the Home page, you’ll also get a chance to ask Digi-Key a question or tell them about any issue you’re having, and of course, update your profile so your user experience can be completely unique. Finally, users around the world can access Digi-Key Corporations and their massive inventory!

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