AT&T myWireless Mobile 1.4.2

When you need to know exactly where you’re at with your AT&T service plan, you need to get the AT&T myWireless Mobile 1.4.2 app. With this app, you can check out My AT&T, which will let you look at your bill and even pay it. You can also check out how much you’re using and paying in data usage, and can check out your voice minutes too. Plus, you can also check out your current plan to include additional features, or remove those that you find you’re not using as much as you thought you would.

The app will tell you how many particular minutes you have used, whether they’re anytime minutes, nights and weekends minutes, or any other type of minutes. But it will also tell you how many you have in total, so you’ll be able to tell just how much talk or text time you have left.

The app is free, and can be downloaded here, but there are quite a few requirements and restrictions that come with this app. It can’t be used with prepaid accounts, or those who have a Premier business account or a GoPhone account. Users who have already downloaded the app have said that it’s worth it, not only because of the ability to check out your account at a glance – but also not to wait on hold with AT&T just to talk to a rep that can you give you the same information you now have at the tip of your fingertips, and with just a few taps of the screen!

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