Apple iPhone 4 Problems – Glass Back

The iPhone 4, which was released a few months ago seems to have seen nothing but problems since it was first released and it has left Apple trying their hardest to try and solve them. First, there was the problem of the antenna with the iPhone 4 and a number of users complained that the phone would drop calls far too often. Now, Apple is said to have another issue with the glass back panel of the iPhone 4 as many people say it is susceptible to shattering.

A number of Apple products seem to feature their glass panels and they look stunning on the devices, however, there are a number of problems with the glass back on the iPhone 4 devices. Many people have complained that the glass back panel on their iPhone 4 has been scratched and damaged by certain cases that are made for the iPhone 4. There have even been some reports of glass panels on the iPhone 4 actually cracking or even shattering. This has left Apple with another big problem and they say that they are working hard to fix the mistake.

There is rumoured to be a new iPhone device coming out early next year as Apple are said to have pushed the production of the devices further forward in order to solve the problems that are currently surrounding the iPhone 4. It will be interesting to see if Apple manages to fix this problem whilst still keeping the iPhone looking stunning.

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