iPhone Quick Tip: How to Duplicate a Configuration Profile

To save time and effort and keep your configuration profiles on an existing configuration profile, duplicate the existing profile and then modify the settings in the duplicate.

To duplicate a configuration profile, follow these steps:

1. In iPhone Configuration Utility, click the Configuration Profiles item in the Library category in the Source list to display the list of configuration profiles.

2. Click the configuration profile you want to duplicate.

3. Choose File | Duplicate or press CTRL-D on Windows. iPhone Configuration Utility duplicates the profile, giving it the same name but the next ordinal number. For example, if you duplicate a configuration profile name iPhone Base Profile, iPHone Configuration Utility names the duplicate iPhone Base Profile 2; if you duplicate iPhone Base Profile 2, you get iPhone Base Profile 3, and so on.

4. Click the new profile in the list, and then click the General category in the Detail pane. (If the Detail pane is hidden, display it by clicking the Show Detail button on the toolbar.)

5. In the Name box, type the new name for the configuration profile.

You can now set up the configuration profile’s payloads by changing the settings in the configuration profile you copied and adding other payloads as needed.

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