Android keyboard app is very accurate and creepy

Android keyboard app is very accurate and creepyAndroid keyboard app is very accurate and creepy – I for one is a supporting application for Android phone operation . Both a Tablet and other gadgets . From the functions and specifications , this application is very powerful for the lazy type, Simply use the two initial letters , and the keyboard will detect the word you want to write . This application is very sophisticated da arguably save enough time for you . The application is called ” SwiftKey Keyboard ” For those of you who are curious , the following description of the application :
Android keyboard app is very accurate and creepy
Android keyboard app is very accurate and creepy
Thought or read fast :
This application is a number one bestseller in 58 countries , over 300 billion users have installed it . Very accurate , so make your thoughts to type faster and more sinister .Touchscreen typing very fast , easy and more personal :
This application priority to the hard work of a keyboard for typing , the phone keyboard to replace most easily understand. Auto correct with the most accurate in the world , this application provides a prediction or word with 61 international languages ​​including Indonesia . And with SwiftKey Cloud , this application connects seamlessly with all devices .

Smart in learning and understanding the words :
Swifkey will automatically predict the next word of the sentence that you type even if you have not pressed the button . Because intelligence possessed , SwiftKey will adapt to your way , to type and style that is currently being used . This application not only detects the word – popular word , but also to spell words that you frequently use and combine them .

Connect seamlessly with all devices using Swif Cloud :
With smooth , backup and syn insight of your personal language up to date on all the devices you have. This application will study the style of writing used by Facebok , Gmail , Twitter , Yahoo , SMS , and your blog . So the style that is used to increase each day according to the phrase treading news and most discussed in your social networking account .

Multy language :
By enabling three languages ​​at once , of course it’s easy for you combining different languages ​​without having to change the settings . Swftkey have contextual support in 61 languages ​​and continue to be improved to be more widespread .

Tap or data stream :
By typing using SwiftKey Flow mode , you will switch seamlessly between the intercepts and movement . SwiftKey Flow combines the ability to read minds quickly and easily in launching your finger on the screen using the Prediction real time . By simply sliding the bar space between letters , you can type a whole sentence without having to lift a finger on your Android screen .

Multy Display :
Display modes innovative keyboard with better experience for all users , a full thumb and compact layout . With floats undocked can change the size of the three layouts .

Just curious if you are looking for in the play store with keywords “SwiftKey”
Android keyboard app is very accurate and creepy 
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