Why Microsoft Tablet Won’t beat Apple iPad

 The Apple iPad has completely revolutionised the way that we think of tablet pc’s and over the next year, tablet pc’s are really supposed to take off, with many other manufacturers creating their own versions of the popular devices. Microsoft is expected to unveil their own tablet POC in their next big event and many people believe that they will never beat the Apple iPad.

There are a lot of reasons that Microsoft will not bat Apple with their iPad with one of the reasons being that the iPad is extremely popular. Because it is so popular already, it would take a fantastic device to overtake them. Another reason is because of the content that is available for the iPad. There are a whole range of applications available for the device whereas Microsoft will have to start from scratch and will have nowhere near the amount of developers on board as Apple do.

There are many other reasons that Microsoft will more than likely never beat Apple with their tablet device with one of the reason being that Apple actually understands the consumer much better. All other devices have managed to give the consumer what they wanted without them even realising it and this is something that Microsoft has failed to do so far. It has also been a rough year for Microsoft with many of their products failing to make a mark as they wished.

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