Apple to add ‘Do not Track’ feature to Safari

Apple is one of the most well known companies in the world when it comes to shiny toys such as the iPhone and the iPad but we have to remember that Apple is responsible for many other great things. For a start, they have the Mac OSX operating system which has the Safari web browser; one of the most widely used web browsers in the world. Now, apple is said to be adding a ‘do not track’ button to their latest version of the browser to allow their users to have the option to opt out of advertising tracking.

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Most browsers these days actually track the pages in which the user visits in order to supply them with more personal advertising on certain websites. A lot of users don’t like this as they see it as an invasion of privacy and it is thought that Apple is going to combat this by giving users the option to opt out of ad tracking.

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Microsoft were the first to do this a couple of weeks ago when they released their latest version of the Internet Explorer browser and since then, many other browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome have been following. However, advertisers are said to be unhappy about plans to implement this feature which has held back some companies from implementation. Google in particular seems to be reluctant to implement this feature as they are heavily reliant on advertising.

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