How to Customize iPhone Ringtone?

Iphone users are looking for newer ways to customize their iphones from custom screensavers to wallpaper but one of the most sought after things is customized ringtones. Every day I read numerous requests from iphone users asking me How to customize iPhone Ringtone and today in this article I will teach everyone How to do that.

Essentials required prior to learning customized ringtone for your iPhone are iPhone (off course), a computer, 3rd party software’s and a willingness to learn new things. Before we get started to customize the ringtone, I must say that there are two methods by which one can learn, one is the method involving software’s like Itoner and GarageBand which is a safer procedure for learning and experimenting with customized ringtone for iphone. The other method learning and experimenting with that is Jail breaking your iphone and achieving the desired results. In my personal opinion the results achieved by learning on customizing ringtones by jail breaking is technologically challenging and gives better results, but this method comes with evident risks. So in this article we will focus on the safer of the two methods.

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Itoner as a software does not charge you per ringtone however the software is not free, but the benefits that itoner offers is that it lets the user transfer ringtones in various formats like .Mp3,.Wav, .Aac etc to be used as ringtones, the process of learning on customizing your iPhone Ringtone is simple and easy to follow and requires only drag and drop followed by sync and you have your custom ringtones ready to use.

The other software you can use to quench your thirst for learning on customizing ringtones for your iPhone is GarageBand, this software is very simple to use and lets the users export songs or recordings ,Ilife jingles to help create customized ringtones for your iphone. These two are not the only software’s with which you can customize your iphone ringtones, but these are the easiest and most hassle free methods in my opinion.

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