Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs. Apple iPad – 1 Million Sold

Since the release of the Apple iPad just a few months ago, there have been a lot of other companies working on their own tablet computers in order to rival the Apple iPad product. One of the companies that has released a rival is Samsung with their Samsung Galaxy Tab device which has been a huge success. As the war between the two tablet computers continues, Samsung has announced that they have sold 1 million of their Galaxy Tab devices meaning that they are well on their way to becoming the largest tablet computer manufacturer in the world.

The Apple iPad is still in the lead in terms of sales, although it was released much before the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Apple iPad was released all the way back in April whereas the Galaxy Tab was only released in November. Samsung have sold 1 million of the items bow and they had actually sold around 600,000 by the time of thanksgiving, meaning the growth and sales of the product were huge for Samsung. It is now thought that Samsung could be well on their way to becoming the market leaders in terms of the tablet computer industry although we are sure that the Apple iPad won’t give up without a fight.

Many other competitors are also trying to rival these products including the Blackberry Playbook, Google Android Based Tabs and the Dell Streak device.

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