Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation – Quick Review

As many of you will probably already know, over the last few weeks Apple has revamped a lot of their products and one of the products that has undergone a serious makeover is the iPod Touch device. Although this was one of Apples best selling iPods before, they now expect it to sell even better with the great changes they’ve made.

The first big change with the new, revamped version of the iPod Touch is that there is two cameras installed in the device. There is one camera that is front facing and one camera that faces towards you. The idea behind this is so that you will now be able to use the Facetime feature that Apple brought out with the iPhone 4 device and we have to say; it works extremely well. Also, because of the cameras installed in the lastest version of the iPod Touch, you can also record HD videos, just like you can with the latest iPhone device.

One other big change with the new iPod Touch is that it has the Retina display that Apple used for the iPhone. This is a great quality display and it really is great for games and other apps. As well as this, the new iPod Touch has a faster processor making it the fastest iPod Touch yet.

Overall, the new iPod Touch is a big improvement on the old version, and even that was a fantastic device.

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