Retrieving and Restoring Windows with USB Booting Symantec Ghost 11.5

Retrieving and Restoring Windows with USB Booting Symantec Ghost 11.5On this occasion we will share how to backup and restore windows via USB. Based on the experience in this way is very fast and it only takes less than 3 minutes to make the windows as they are at the time of making the backup windows. Why should backup your windows ..?? To restore windows quickly without having to reinstall windows fastest time consuming not to mention 1 hour to install the drivers and other software.
Retrieving and Restoring Windows with USB Booting Symantec Ghost 11.5
Retrieving and Restoring Windows with USB Booting Symantec Ghost 11.5
 Why backup windows do …? At one point or another because the windows because they may experience crashes or can not enter windows or other caused by something be it a virus, mistake or other operations so that we are only given the option to reinstall windows back in order, of the need to re-install windows better choose this way.
Terms in order to do the backup windows:
  • Applications and other tools can be downloaded at the end of posts
  • USB to boot and run the application Ghost
  • Windows must be possessed of more than 1 partition because we can not perform backup and restore windows only 1 partition
Retrieving and Restoring Windows with USB Booting Symantec Ghost 11.5
Preparatory step backup windows
For the first preparation that we use USB should be able to boot the USB, the USB can be used in order to boot it must be formatted with the tools available in the download package.
Step Format USB:

  • Unrar the downloaded file
  • Insert the USB you want to create a boot
  • Run Tool.exe format in the folder USB Format
  • Device usually already read the included USB type
  • On the Format Options stain Create a DOS startup disk
  • In column Using DOS system files located at Navigate to the Boot folder in the download package already diunrar
  • Click the Start button to format the USB and wait for the formatting process is complete
The next step Backup Windows With Symantec Ghost 11.5
  • After completion of the USB format next copy ghost.exe existing files in the folder to a USB GHOST
  • Restart the computer to boot USB (do not forget to change the bios settings that we use as USB first boot in the bios)
  • If the settings are correct USB bioas first boot it will go straight into the command prompt C:
  • At the C: type ghost.exe then Enter (c: ghost.exe)
  • Once the application is open Ghost, In the menu choose Local -> Partition -> To Image
  • It would seem kind of hard drive, select according to the use, and then click OK
  • Having seen the number of partitions that exist on the computer, select the partition where Windows is installed and is usually partitioned C, then click OK
  • Choose where backup windows are stored and then give it a name (usually can be stored in the partition D, E or CD rom, and then click Save
  • After it was given three choices compress the backup file to be done, select the Fast recommendation
  • After that comes a warning of what really want to make backups of Windows, click Yes
  • Wait until the backup process is complete windows 100%

Once the backup is complete please restart windows and unplug the USB then go to view and check the windows lg windows backup results that have been done are usually the result of the backup file extension air. GHO and the results of the backup sizable enough, if Windows XP install the drivers and applications plus sufficient magnitude around 3 GB. Have a good store windows backup results are made or if you need to store on DVD for a moment when damage occurs can easily restore windows.

Now we proceed with the Windows Restore:

  • Booting with USB, run Ghost by typing C: ghost.exe in commend prompt
  • In Ghost menu choose Local -> Partition -> From Image
  • Find where we store backup windows, and then click Open (to move the cursor using the TAB key on the keyboard)
  • After the visible source partition, then select OK Primary
  • Then select the type of hard drives used, then OK
  • After that we will look partitions replace or restore the windows, if the windows were previously installed in the C partition then restore that we do must be in the C partition (do not choose the wrong partition because one can choose to make the partition data was lost due to its format the partition and restore restore windows to the selected partition) then click OK
  • Appears notice whether we really want to restore the windows, if it is convinced select OK
  • Let the process goes to 100% after the complete restart the computer and unplug the USB let me boot windows as usual. 


  • For windows that made the backup should be free from virus and windows should be installed as needed so that applications that the backup file is not too big.
  • To move the cursor on the Ghost application using the TAB key and ENTER key on your keyboard for instruction.

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