iPod Shuffle Problems – Need Help To Fix It

iPod Shuffle problems – need help to fix it

Many iPod Shuffle users complain that every time a new playlist is generated, the iPod seems to choose the same songs by the same artist from the same album. Some users even suggested that iPod Shuffles have been programmed to play some songs more frequently than others. The degree of randomization could be customized. You should go to iTunes settings and choose the iPod to play “without repetitions. Or, if you have rated your favorite songs, you can set the iPod to play them more frequently.

iPod Shuffle problems are usually firmware problems as hardware on the shuffle is pretty sturdy. So that is why to fix any iPod shuffle problems, all you need will be to restore its software.

When you restore the firmware in order to cure iPod Shuffle problems, you are going to loose all your favorite songs and you will have to upload them again. Here is a list of what to do to restore your iPod to factory settings:

  • Click on the Start option.

  • Choose All Programs next.

  • In the all programs menu you should see something called “iPod” in case you have loaded all of the software properly.

  • Place your mouse over ‘iPod” and a new window will pop up. From there, you should select ‘iPod Updater”

  • Next, click on “iPod Updater” again when another menu appears. The “iPod Updater’ should have an iPod icon beside it.

  • Now, the iPod updater will open.

  • Plug in your iPod.

  • Finally, click ‘Restore’ to put an end to your iPod Shuffle problems.

The iPod upgrader will automatically upgrade the software in your iPod device. In this way, you can manage all kinds of iPod Shuffle problems. After fixing the iPod Shuffle problems you should charge the device and upload your music there.

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