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How Apple is Still Ahead of Android, Despite the Numbers

Official figures suggest that Google’s Android is now the operating system of choice for smartphones.  Comscore, a leader in smartphone analytics, has shown that...
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Good News That Jailbreak iPod os5.1.1 Bring

Latest update on iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak With the advent of high technology more and more high end gadgets are circulating in the market today...
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How to Jailbreak Your Apple iOS5.1 iPhone?

When it comes to your iPhone, there has always been the option to jailbreak the apple iphone which is something that is far from...
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How to Stream Music with iCloud?

Apple has released an iCloud months ago, system that will allow you to be able to share and stream your music in order to...
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Goodbye For Simplify Media from iTunes Apps Store

Simplify Media is Now Acquired by Google. As part of a demo of the latest version of the search giant’s mobile operating system, Android....
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