Author: Shek Harriyat

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Enhance experience of iPhone and iPod Touch with Google Earth!

The Google Earth for iPhone and iPod Touch is the mobile version of Google’s justly highly praised desktop application which is like the desktop based counterpart. The mobile version of this Google earth in your iPod Touch or iPhone offers you a bird’s eye and 3D view of the earth and any place you wish…


Internal projectors coming to the iPhone/iPod touch!

MiLi Pro iPhone projector – Last week I wrote about a micro projector coming soon for the iPhone and iPod touch. Such devices will prove to be very useful for showcasing your holiday snaps or to simply project a movie where ever you are. But a company involved with manufacturing the iPhone, Foxconn, is rumored…


Apple likely to create bigger iPod Touch instead of netbook, analyst says

It seems Apple is likely to push deeper into low cost mobile computer system and they may release a larger version of iPod Touch player in 2010 instead of creating a scaled down MacBook Netbook. This has been confirmed by senior research analyst Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray. Such aim of launching large iPod Touch is…