First Publisher Announces iBooks Plan

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First Publisher Announces iBooks Plan
First Publisher Announces iBooks Plan

Apple’s new iBooks system is a revolutionary new textbook and education program for the iPad. We have talked about it before and now that it is live an on the market we have begun to see some of the results of the program. Today one of the many publishers announced their upcoming plans for iBooks and so far things are looking good.

McGraw, a major textbook manufacturer, made it quite clear today that they are planning to support Apple’s iBooks program to the fullest extent they can. McGraw has been a big supporter of Apple for quite some time and now they plan to keep advancing this program through additional textbooks and significant discounts. Obviously publishers are going to continue supporting Apple iBooks more and more as the system expands and grows so in the future don’t be surprised when nearly every textbook is available for iOS and iPad.

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